Sunday, June 17, 2012 • 4:21 AM • 0 comments

one thing! 
now da pukul 3:52 pagi menurut jam kat lappy nih..
 And still,all my fingers are still walking on the keyboard searching for nothing..
 As usual,everyday was imperfect..
 I just went for a windows shopping, I don't know either it was just wasting time or not..
 Time by time, now only 141 days left for the big war,SPM! 

Oh please, be nice to me, just give me some times to tougher my knowledge..
 Sometimes people don't just understand for what you're faced, until they exchanged for one time..
 Try to survive despite you often meet the failure because He know's the true colour of your life..
 Never regret for anything because at one time it was what we exactly wanted.. 
And everything will be okay at the end, if it does not okay, so that's not the end ~ 

" life is an argument you cannot win"

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